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   Duns: 11-7615244 | CAGE: 8PCF8

              Incorporated 2020 

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VAMC Brocton, MA. Parking lot Projects

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Monument Construction Services, LLC (MCS) was founded to serve the federal organizations that serve the American public. MCS is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), and offers federal customers prime general contracting they can depend on for quality, value, and timeliness. MCS is led by the same experienced team that leads predecessor and affiliate, Monument Construction (MC), LLC – a formerly certified SDVOSB. Changes to personnel during this evolution were minimal yet overwhelmingly positive, and Monument is stronger today as a result.

Founder of both companies, MCS Chief Executive Officer Dan Proulx has worked hard to differentiate us from our peers. Superior training, safety, and quality control are keys to developing a highly effective workforce. The Monument mission statement is to “construct great things, build great relationships, and deliver great quality.” Dan derived Monument’s values from values he learned in the Marine Corps:

structure, accountability, strength, unity, and integrity.

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  • 236115 - New Single-Family Housing Construction

  • 236116 - New Multifamily Housing Construction

  • 236118 - Residential Remodelers

  • 236210 - Industrial Building Construction

  • 236220 - Commercial / Institutional Building

  • 237110 - Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures

  • 237120 - Oil and Gas Pipeline and Related Structures

  • 237130 - Power and Communication Line and Related Structures

  • 237210 - Land Subdivision

  • 237310 - Highways, Street, and Bridge Construction

  • 237990 - Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

  • 333921 - Elevator and Moving Stairway Manufacturing

  • 514330 - Engineering Services

  • 812930 - Parking Lots and Garages


  • Z1PB - Maintenance of Exhibit Design (Non-Building)                                             Y1GZ - Construction of Other Warehouse Buildings

  • Z1BZ - Maintenance of Other Airfield Structures                                                      Y1FF - Construction of Penal Facilities

  • Z1PD - Maintenance of Waste Treatment and Storage Facilities                              Z1FC - Maintenance of Troop Housing Facilities

  • Z1GA - Maintenance of Ammunition Storage Buildings                                           Z1AA - Maintenance of Office Buildings

  • Z1GC - Maintenance of Fuel Storage Buildings                                                       Y1MF - Construction of EPG Facilities – Petroleum

  • Z1FD - Maintenance of Dining Facilities                                                                   Z1EB - Maintenance of Maintenance Buildings

  • Z1LB - Maintenance of Highways, Roads, Streets, Bridges, and Railways             Z1DB - Maintenance of Laboratories and Clinics

  • Z1LA - Maintenance of Airport Service Roads                                                         Z1CA - Maintenance of Pools

  • Y1PD - Construction of Waste Treatment and Storage Facilities                              Y1BD - Construction of Airport Runways and Taxiways

  • Z1FZ - Maintenance of Other Residential Buildings                                                 Z1FE - Maintenance of Religious Facilities

  • Y1LA - Construction of Airport Service Roads                                                          Y1GA - Construction of Ammunition Storage Buildings

  • Y1FE - Construction of Religious Facilities                                                                Y1EB - Construction of Maintenance Buildings

  • Z1BG - Maintenance of Electronic and Communications Facilities                          Y1FC - Construction of Troop Housing Facilities

  • Z1FF - Construction of Penal Facilities                                                                      Y1FZ - Construction of Other Residential Buildings

  • Z1PZ - Maintenance of other Non-Building Facilities                                        Z1PA - Maintenance of Recreation Facilities (Non-Building)

  • Y1BA - Construction of Air Traffic Control Towers                                                      Z1EZ - Maintenance of Other Industrial Buildings

  • Y1EZ - Construction of Other Industrial Buildings                                                      Y1DA - Construction of Hospitals and Infirmaries

  • Y1AB - Construction of Conference Space and Facilities                                  Z1AB - Maintenance of Conference Space and Facilities

  • Z1NE - Maintenance of Water Supply Facilities                                                 Y1BB - Construction of Air Traffic Control Training Facilities

  • Y1BC - Construction of Radar and Navigational Facilities                                         Z1BB - Maintenance of Air Traffic Control Training

  • Y1JZ - Construction of Miscellaneous Buildings                                          Z1ED - Maintenance of Ship Construction and Repair Facilities

  • Y1NE - Construction of Water Supply Facilities                                                          Y1KC - Construction of Mine Fire Control Facilities

  • Z1GB - Maintenance of Food or Grain Storage Buildings                                           Z1FB - Maintenance of Recreational Buildings

  • Y1GC - Construction of Fuel Storage Buildings                                            Z1LC - Maintenance of Tunnels and Subsurface Structures

  • Y1BG - Construction of Electronic and Communication Facilities                              Y1ND - Construction of Sewage and Waste Facilities

  • Z2LZ - Repair of Alteration of Parking Facilities                                                            Z1JZ - Maintenance of Miscellaneous Buildings

  • Y1LZ - Construction of Parking Facilities                                                                      Y1FD - Construction of Dining Facilities

  • Y1PZ - Construction of Other Non-Building Facilities                                      Z1JA - Maintenance of Museums and Exhibition Buildings

  • Z1DZ - Construction of Other Hospital Buildings                                                          Y1FB - Construction of Recreational Buildings

  • Z1JB - Maintenance of Testing and Measurement Buildings                                        Y1FA - Construction of Family Housing Facilities

  • Z1NZ - Maintenance of Other Utilities                                                                           Z1GD - Maintenance of Open Storage Facilities

  • Y1CA - Construction of Schools                                                                                    Y1CZ - Construction of Other Educational Buildings

  • Y1GB - Construction of Food or Grain Storage Buildings                                              Z1FA - Maintenance of Family Housing Facilities

  • Y1NA - Construction of Fuel Supply Facilities                                                                Y1BE - Construction of Airport Terminals

  • Y1DZ - Construction of Other Hospital Buildings                                              Z1ND - Maintenance of Sewage and Waste Facilities

  • A1CZ - Maintenance of Other Educational Buildings                                                     Y1NZ - Construction of Other Utilities

  • Y1EC - Construction of Production Buildings

  • Z1KA - Maintenance of Dams

  • Y1HZ - Construction of Government-Owned Government-Operated (GOGO) Environmental Laboratories

  • Y1HC - Construction of Government-Owned Government-Operated (GOGO) Environmental Laboratories

  • Y1LB - Construction of Highways, Roads, Streets, Bridges, and Railways

  • Y1AZ - Construction of Other Administrative Facilities and Service Buildings

Project Portfolio

The Monument team has diligently matured from jobs valued at $100,000 in 2008 to over $15 million in a little over a decade; and totaling over $227 million in projects-delivered since inception. Major return-customers in the Monument portfolio include:
Department of Veteran’s Affairs
Reno Projects on over 24 campuses Nationwide
US Army Corps of Engineers
Hydroelectric Dams throughout New England
Army and Air National Guard
Hanscom AFB, Barnes AFB & Otis AFB
Beyond these clients, we also respond to solicited work for other clients when and where our skills are specifically sought. Customers such as the Department of Homeland Security, the National Park Service, the GSA and even US Army RDECOM have benefitted from our expertise in self- performance and project management alike.


    Department of Veteran Affairs
              West Roxbury, MA

This newly constructed VAMC West Roxbury, MA parking garage provides our Veterans with ample amount of parking. Monument's ongoing work on this facility is resulting in unsurpassed quality and workmanship that's second to none.


     Department of Veteran Affairs 
              Jamaica Plain, MA

The Research Addition is a 20,000± sq. ft. four story steel structure built adjacent to an existing occupied four story medical building within an operating campus.  The construction included 3,000± sq. ft. of renovations connecting the two buildings.  The Research Addition is primarily a high tech research facility with some exam/consultation rooms and an MRI Suite.

sound suppresion system.jpg

           Army Corps Project

The extreme climate simulation room is just one of the testing labs at the Soldier Readiness Center in Natick Massachusetts. Monument installed an amplified ANC sound suppression system to help these labs coexist peacefully.

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At Monument Construction Services, we take pride that our work has a direct impact on the care our nation's veterans receive, and on those who provide that care.

We salute and support those people and organizations--both local and national--who are also dedicated to assisting our deserving veterans and their families:

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Duns: 11-7615244 | CAGE: 8PCF8

Incorporated 2020

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